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FALL GUYS!! The New Season 4 Update: Create Your Own Levels in Game Mode! [Update May'23]

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Update: codes redeem

Tower Trouble : 8794-2106-3211

Digi Leapers : 2376-8537-2529

Stop Falling : 8014-6765-5876

Balance Bean : 1305-2323-9251

Fallin’ For It : 7231-5971-8896

Tower Scurry : 5709-4011-0636

Fall guys update season 4

Get ready for a new and exciting way to play Fall Guys with the upcoming launch of Fall Guys Creative on May 10th. With the new game editor, players can design their own dream rounds by choosing themes and adding obstacles for others to tackle. Players can share their custom rounds with friends by generating a Share Code to play in a private lobby, or they can share them with the community. Mediatonic will also be using the editor to create future rounds.

Fall guys update season 4
Fall guys update season 4

In addition to Fall Guys Creative, Season 4: Creative Construction will feature over 50 new Mediatonic-made rounds throughout the season, with 20 available at launch. The new Fame Pass offers players multiple shorter passes with more value for their playtime. The first Fame Pass for Season 4 offers 6 iconic costumes and bonus cosmetics for players to unlock.

Players can keep up with all the latest changes and announcements on Fall Guys' official social media channels, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and the official Fall Guys Discord. Get ready to join in on the fun on May 10th!

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