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Pin it! 3 places to visit in Phuket, let me tell you! Why is it so cool!

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Fullmoon party at Phuket
Fullmoon party at Phuket l Photo by

The Full Moon Party: is held every month. on the day of the full moon But usually the organizer will arrange the event on Saturday, so If it's not a full moon day or a holy day The event will be held on the date closest to the full moon day. Paradise Beach also has a Half Moon event on the night of the half moon. But the number of tourists may not be as high as the Full Moon Party.

Fullmoon party at Phuket

Fullmoon party at Phuket
Fullmoon party at Phuket l Photo by

Mai Khao Beach: Anyone traveling to Phuket for the first time or traveling by plane to Phuket International Airport and looking for a landmark to check in to let friends know that you are already in Phuket. Must visit Mai Khao Beach, a beach located near Phuket Airport where you can easily walk for only a few minutes. Moreover, if on any day the wind direction is from the sea side You might even get to take pictures or see planes landing at Phuket airport up close!

Promthep Cape: Anyone planning to visit Phuket for the first time? Must not miss! Stop by to check in at a landmark that does not check in is like arriving in Phuket like Promthep Cape. Especially during this time, you can say that you will definitely get beautiful pictures without crowds.

In addition, at Promthep Cape, in addition to being the most beautiful sunset viewpoint in Phuket. At Laem Phromthep, there is also a courtyard of Phromthep for you to worship. You can make a wish too.

Promthep Cape
Promthep Cape l Photo by


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