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Starfield 2023-2024 : All cities in the game

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Starfield is a space RPG that was first previewed at E3 2021, with a release date announced next year. With the game not having many details yet, Bethesda and Microsoft chose to present information about the cities that we will see in the Starfield universe.

Starfield 2023-2024 : All cities in the game

Within Starfield, there are four prominent cities: New Atlantis, Akila, Neon, and The Key. Interestingly, The Key, which is operated by the Crimson Fleet, functions as the faction's central command and is situated in space. Meanwhile, the remaining trioNew Atlantis, Akila, and Neon—stand as the respective capitals of Jemison, Akila, and Volii.

New Atlantis

Starfield city : New Atlantis

New Atlantis was established on the planet Jemison in the year 2156, coinciding with humanity's inaugural arrival in the Alpha Centauri system and the confirmation of Jemison's habitability for colonization. The original colony was strategically situated underground, nestled on the outskirts of a plateau, just below where the pioneering colony ship, the Galileo, touched down. This location was chosen to harness the natural waterfall for hydroelectric power generation, leading to the eventual development of the district known as The Well.

By 2160, Jemison was deemed safe enough for expansion, driven by the urgent need to accommodate Earth evacuees. This prompted the approval and commencement of construction for residential and commercial structures on the planet's surface. In the year 2161, the United Colonies officially designated New Atlantis as its capital.

Fast forward to 2330, and New Atlantis stands as the largest and most densely populated colony within the Settled Systems. The skyline is dominated by the imposing MAST Building, serving as the headquarters of the UC government. It is flanked by the towering skyscrapers of the Residential and Commercial districts. The central MAST District encompasses not only the MAST Building but also hosts the embassies of the Freestar Collective and House Va'ruun, a sprawling park, and The Lodge, which serves as the headquarters for the esteemed private exploration group, Constellation. The Spaceport, situated beneath the city proper at the base of the cliffs, is seamlessly connected to the rest of the city through the extensive New Atlantis Transit network.


Starfield city: Akira

Akila City is located on the planet Akila, nestled within the Cheyenne system. While it may be a bit distant from most of the more densely populated systems, you can pinpoint its location by heading directly northeast from Alpha Centauri on the star chart.

The focal point of the city is The Rock, serving as the headquarters of the esteemed Freestar Rangers. This is where your journey into their questline begins. Completing it is particularly rewarding, as it earns you a complimentary Starfield ship. It's an opportunity you won't want to miss.

For those in need of ammunition, Akila City is a prime destination. There's a well-stocked weapons shop on the main street, along with another option tucked away in the back streets, offering a diverse selection of weaponry. Additionally, a fantastic general store is available, where you can procure essential supplies such as med packs, Starfield ship components, and Starfield Digipicks.

Moreover, meandering through the city is likely to lead you to various side quests and intriguing mini-adventures. You might stumble upon them by eavesdropping on conversations or even by unwittingly stumbling into a new narrative. If you're eager to uncover every hidden gem, be sure to consult our comprehensive Starfield walkthrough.


Starfielld city : Neon

Neon, once a humble fishing platform constructed by Xenofresh Corporation, took a transformative turn when the corporation unearthed a species of fish on the planet with psychotropic properties. This revelation led to a shift in operations towards the production and sale of the drug Aurora on the platform. This strategic move catapulted Neon into prominence, culminating in 2187 with the platform's evolution into a thriving colony devoted to tourism and commerce.

As of 2330, Neon stands as a distinguished commercial epicenter and a sought-after tourist destination within the Settled Systems. Notably, it houses the headquarters of Ryujin Industries, alongside other notable establishments like Reliant Medical and The Volii Hotel.

The helm of the city is guided by City Administrator Benjamin Bayu. Neon's diverse districts include Bayu Plaza, Ikuchi Market, Ebbside, Underbelly, and the Spaceport. The Spaceport is situated on a smaller secondary platform adjacent to the main Neon platform, while the Underbelly encompasses the lower portion of the primary platform. Bayu Plaza, Ikuchi Market, and Ebbside are all situated on the Upper Platform. The former two districts are nestled within the enclosed Neon Core section, while the latter district encompasses the exterior of the Upper Platform.

In his book "An Examination of Neon Gang Culture," Carl Lupino delves into the various gangs that call Neon their home. This includes the prominent Seokguh Syndicate, Ebbside Strikers, and Disciples, alongside several smaller factions.

The Key

Starfield city : The key

While not a conventional city, The Key holds the distinction of being the fourth major settlement in Starfield. Positioned in close proximity to Suvorov within the Kryx star system, it takes the form of a space station. What truly distinguishes The Key is its status as the headquarters of the Crimson Fleet faction, rendering it a bustling hub for intergalactic piracy. (For safe navigation in this area, players must align themselves with the pirates’ faction and successfully undertake their missions.)

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