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Starfield 2023-2024 : Spaceship [Part 1]


1.Spaceship : This part will be a guide on the main ship and will be divided into several parts.

Starfield 2023-2024 : Spaceship [Part 1]
Starfield 2023-2024 : Spaceship [Part 1]

►1. There are 3 levels of ships: A - B - C. The level of the ship depends on the Reactor that we install.

►2. To install a higher level Reactor, it is necessary to upgrade the Piloting skill. Skill Rank 3 can install Reactor Rank B and Skill Rank 4 can install Reactor Rank C.

►3. How to hit enemy vehicles 100% is that the game will have a white circle to lock enemy vehicles. If this circle exists, we can use our primary and secondary weapons to shoot the enemy immediately without missing the target. And if there is a red word Lock appearing on the enemy vehicle, we can press to fire the Missile immediately (press G). The missile will automatically follow up and shoot at the enemy vehicle

►4.How to avoid enemy missiles That is, when we are locked and a warning message appears at the top of our screen. We can press and hold the Thruster and choose a direction to dodge the missile until the warning message disappears. The Thruster can only be used if we upgrade the Piloting Rank 1 skill and the size of the craft must not exceed 40ft.

►5.Gauge: 6. When driving a vehicle, we can transfer energy by reducing energy and increasing it in other areas. The results are as follows.

First Row - Increases the power and speed of recharging the main gun.

Second Row - Increases the power and speed of charging the secondary gun.

Third Row - Increases missile strength, Fourth Row - Increases ship speed, Row Five - Increases Armor, Row Six - Used for Grav Jump.

Starfield 2023-2024 : Spaceship
Starfield 2023-2024 : Spaceship

►6. Always remember that the size of the ship greatly affects the gameplay when driving the ship. The bigger the ship, the more sluggish it will be in exchange for the greater durability of the ship. On the other hand, smaller ships have high agility at the cost of low durability. Decide carefully before building your ship what your playing style will be.

►7.Explain the various values when customizing the vehicle as follows

LAS - Laser laser weapons deal severe damage to armor.

BAL - Balistic Auto Launcher, a projectile weapon that damages the hull of the ship.

MSL - Missile Launcher Rocket weapon deals severe damage to the vehicle's armor and hull.

HULL - The higher the durability of the ship, the stronger the ship will be. But it will also mean that the drive will be slower.

SHIELD - Exactly the armor of the ship.

CARGO - A storage space on a ship for storing things.

CREW - Number of crew members on the ship.

JUMP RANGE - Jumping distance.

*LY is an abbreviation for Lightyear, 18LY means 18 light years.

*1 light year is equal to 9,460,730,472,580.8 kilometers or equal to 1 year of running light

MOBILITY - The mobility of the craft. (Currently, we still don't know what value it is to be called good and balanced.)

TOP SPEED - The maximum speed the ship can reach (not including pressing Boost).

MASS - weight of the craft The more it makes the ship slower.

►8. We can repair vehicles during flight. If the ship has more than half the damage, press O and the ship can be repaired when we are on the ground by press Tab > Select ship (bottom left) > Press Repair.

Every time you press to repair a ship, you must use a Ship Part, which in simple terms is the Med pack of that ship. We can find Ship Parts from the shop in the Aid category, and when exploding enemy ships, there will be loot boxes.

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