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Starfield 2023-2024 : Spaceship [Part 2]


1.Spaceship : This part will be a guide on the main ship and will be divided into several parts.

Starfield 2023-2024 : Spaceship
Starfield 2023-2024 : Spaceship

Part of the ship

1.Reactor - The reactor that provides the energy of the ship has 3 levels: A-B-C, with level C being the highest and Reactor also affects the use of the ship's components if the ship's components are higher than the Reactor level that installed will not be usable. We can install only 1 Reactor on the ship. The best Reactor in the game is the Pinch 8Z Reactor. Players can purchase it when their character reaches level 60 and has Piloting Rank 4 + Ship Design Rank 4 and can be purchased at

2.Engine - is the engine that drives the vehicle which determines the speed of the vehicle. Including the acceleration rate of the vehicle. By installing the Engine, there are limitations in that we can install the Engine not exceeding the power of the ENG, which has a total of 12 bars. We can see that installing that Engine. How much energy is used can be found in the Max Power box.

The fastest engine in the game is the Poseidon DT230. It can accelerate to a maximum speed of 34,520, but it uses up to 4 energy bars per engine, meaning that no more than 3 engines can be installed in one ship. We can purchase Engines. This can be found at

3.Shield - The vehicle's armor that will prevent damage from enemy attacks. There are 3 levels of armor like Reactor and we can only install armor according to the level of Reactor we are installing!!! You can only install 1 Shield on your ship. The best shield in the game is the Assurance SG-1800, which has a power rating of up to 1,600, which is unlocked only when you reach level 27. It can be purchased in every city that has a landing pad.

*The way to increase the Shield value to more than 1,600 is to have the Shield Systems skill at level 3, which will increase the vehicle's armor value by 60% from the existing base armor.

4.Grav Dive - is a jumping machine. Or warp, whatever you want to call it. The principle is the same as the Shield, except this device determines our warp distance. The best Grav Drive in the game is the J-52 Grav Drive. It can be purchased at every city parking lot and requires the Skill Ship Design level 4.

5.Fuel Tanks - are fuel tanks used for warp. We can install as many tanks on the ship as we please. The warp distance depends on the combined amount of fuel of the tanks we install. But just be careful: tanks with a lot of fuel will weigh a lot. Some tanks weighed more than the rest of the ship.

The Fuel Tanks with the largest amount of fuel in the game are the 900T He3, which holds up to 650 fuel per tank. They can be purchased in any city with a parking lot when you reach level 27.

6.Docker - is the connection point between ships. The condition is that it must be installed on the outside of the vehicle without any other parts of the vehicle blocking or blocking the way. There are mainly two types:

- installed on the vehicle

- Installed on the side of the vehicle

7.Landing Bay - is the exit point of the vehicle with the condition that we must install it at the bottom of the vehicle only, and the Landing bay is like a determinant of the shortness of many vehicles because this part must always be at the bottom. We can install only 1 landing bay per vehicle!!!

8.Cargo - is the warehouse on the ship that determines the capacity of the ship. Depends on the amount of cargo we install. You can install any number of pieces, but Cargo is the heaviest piece of ship in the game. Therefore, if they are installed in large numbers, it means that the speed of the craft will decrease as well.

The cargo with the highest number of slots is the Galleon S204, which can carry up to 1480 at the cost of weighing up to 312 Mass per piece. It can be purchased in any city with a parking space. When character level reaches 32

8.1Shield Cargo - is a warehouse that can hold less than But there is a special thing that if we install this Cargo on the ship, there is a chance that it will not be able to be detected by the Contraband scanner on the ship, with the condition that it must be installed together with the Scan-Jammer, which will be explained in the next point. The game's largest Shield Cargo is the 10ST Hauler Shield Cargo, which can only be purchased at the Red Mile after the character reaches level 32.

9.Equipment - is the decorative part of the vehicle (illegal) which has only one part, which is the Scan-Jammer. Installed on the vehicle, it has the duty to interfere with the signal when scanning our vehicle so that it cannot detect the item. Contraband itself, and Shield Cargo only needs to be installed to work.

*Installing only one is enough because it only affects one piece.

The best Scan-Jammer of the game is the Scan Jammer Multi-Frequency. that will reduce the detection rate by up to 50%

**If we also have the Deception skill, it can be stacked with the effect of Scan Jammer. In addition to increasing the Piracy rate, this skill also has another effect, which is reducing the Contraband detection rate as well. By fully upping it to level 4, it will increase up to 50%, but we haven't tested whether it will be 100% effective if combined with Scan Jammer Multi.

10.Landing Gears - is the base of the vehicle used for landing. The installation amount depends on the weight of the vehicle. The heavier the craft, the more Landing Gear is required. We can install as many Landing Gears as we want on our craft. Landing Gears must be installed in line with and parallel to the Landing Bay. They must not be installed higher or lower than the Landing Gear. There are 2 types:

- Installed under the vehicle

- Installed on the side of the vehicle

Landing Gear is the best of the game.

NG-20 Landing Gear (undership type) has a 4th Landing Thrust and can only be purchased at New Homestead.

Hope 55 Landing Gear (mounted on the side of the ship) has a 3rd Landing Thrust. Can only be purchased at Hopetown.

*Landing Thrust 1 will carry a weight of 200 Mass.

11.Structure - is the decorative part of the vehicle that is installed outside the vehicle only. There are many different types.

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