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Starfield 2023-2024 : Spaceship [Part 3]


1.Spaceship : This part will be a guide on the main ship and will be divided into several parts.


Ship Hab

Starfield 2023-2024 : Spaceship [Part 3]

The Hab is the body of the ship that has various facilities for players to use and is also home to the crew. and some of them determine the number of crew members who can live on the ship, which has a total of 17 types. Before explaining the various types Let's first understand what the facilities that we can use are.



Navigation Console - The ship's navigation device. We can press this device to command the ship to warp to various stars immediately without having to open the menu page.

  • Bed - bed for sleeping

  • Galley - a food appliance used for cooking.

  • Passenger Slots - Passenger seats for transporting passengers.

  • Weapon and armory storage - hanging cabinets or shelves for weapons and armor.

  • Crew Stations - Crew stations for determining the number of crew members on the ship.

  • Storage - A warehouse for storing goods or things.

  • Pharmaceutical Lab - Drug and medical supply production machines

  • Research Lab - Research machine for researching and creating new things or buildings.

  • Cooking Station - ready-made kitchen for cooking (like Galley but larger)

  • Weapon Workbench - A table for customizing weapons.

  • Spacesuit Workbench - table for decorating spacesuits / helmets / jetpacks

  • Industrial Workbench - Workbench for crafting items for building outposts or customizing weapons / space suits.

  • Basically, there are only a total of 13 Facilities that players can use.


Hab Type


  • Navigation Console

  • Bed

  • Galley

  • Passenger Slots


  • Weapon and Armor Storage

3.Battle Station

  • Navigation Console

  • Crew Stations


  • Bed (prison)

  • Storage

5.Captain's Quarter

  • Bed

  • Galley

  • Storage

6.Cargo Hall

  • Storage

7.Computer Core

  • Storage

  • Crew Stations

8.Companion Way (connection way)

9.Cross (connection path)

10.Control Station

  • Crew Stations

  • Galley

  • Storage

11.Engineering Bay



・Pharmaceutical Lab

・Research Lab

13.Living Quarters


14.Mess Hall

・Cooking Station


15.Science Lab

・Pharmaceutical Lab

・Research Lab


16.Storeroom (storage room)

17.Workshops Hab

・Weapon Workbench

・Spacesuit Workbench

・Industrial Workbench

・Research Lab

Some types of Habs cannot be purchased at the general parking lot or in our own outpost, but need to be purchased at the vehicle manufacturing company itself.

There are 5 major companies in the game:

  1. Deimos

  2. Stroud-Eklund

  3. Hopetech

  4. Taiyo Astroneering

  5. Nova Galactic


Hab connection

The Hab is mostly the second most important part after the Reactor because it determines the direction of passage within the ship. Therefore, if the layout is not laid out well, or if it is placed without care or planning, Your ship might turn into a nice maze.

It is recommended that the Hab, which is the core of the ship, should always be placed first in order to know where our ship can expand further. Or you can place it after placing the Landing Bay.

There are no conditions for connecting to Hab. And it's not always necessary for the Hab to be connected to a cockpit or landing bay. Many latecomers build beautiful craft. Oftentimes, parts of the hab will be added to the wings or under the ship for beauty.


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