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Starfield interesting details. How to build a personal spaceship skills 2023-2024


1.Spaceship : This part will be a guide on the main ship and will be divided into several parts.

Starfield interesting details. How to build a personal spaceship skills 2023-2024
Starfield interesting details. How to build a personal spaceship skills 2023-2024

1.Vehicles are divided into Class A-C, with C being the most powerful, which you can buy or drive. You must also upgrade your pilot skills (class B must be lv3 / class C must be lv4)

2.If you want to customize your own vehicle The essentials are as follows.

Minimum spacecraft skill should be lv2 (which I recommend raising to 2 before starting to decorate). Because going up to 3-4 requires a lot of ship decoration) Good things need this skill to help.

Some items can be unlocked and have a require of our own lv. For example, in reddit it was found that the best reactor stoves are obtained at lv60 (meaning you have the skill to decorate lv4 vehicles, they are not yet for sale).

It is recommended to search for all places to sell ships in the game first in order to unlock all ship decorations. It will help you feel much more comfortable. After you've found all the places, build your own outpost and create your own spaceport with customizable ships.

As for the places where vehicles are sold, they are as follows:

Akila City, Cydonia, Neon City, New Atlantis, Paradiso, New Homestead

,Hopetown, Eleos Retreat, Deimos Staryard, Gagarin City, Crimson Fleet Base, Stroud Eklund

*Private spaceport at the outpost will have all the ship modification parts. and most of the things But there aren't rare special items that are exclusive to the station. For example, the most powerful engine in the game is at The Den.

3.If you want to customize your own vehicle There are two easy methods to recommend.

3.1.Buy a ship that you like. The main thing is to find a ship that has things. It's not available on the market. For example, this ship in the picture has a turret from an abyss Tracker that shoots very powerfully. But I still can't find where it's sold. They should probably unlock it later when the lvl is high and then tear down the ones I don't need and redecorate.

3.2.Buy the cheapest ship in that class or do quests that get free ships. and dismantle it and make a new one This method is the most economical.

When creating, apart from the appearance Regarding the internal passages, don't forget to be careful as well. I've tried to look at the placement and position of walkways and stairs and suggest a few tricks:

companionway This is where the climbing ladder will be placed in the craft. If you want the stairs to be the same way, walk two floors, three floors, place this line well. Otherwise, the passages in your ship will be very confusing.

If you don't place a companionway, the system will randomly place stairs. Worst of all, they won't place any at all.

So I will place the docking bay next to the companion way on both floors and also place the docking port in the companion way. It's very comfortable to walk and easy to climb.

As for the types of room sets according to this brand, I haven't tried them all yet, as far as I know.

Daimos - steely, bold style

Nova - has a unique personality

Stroud - Middle between Nova and Daimos, emphasis on white.

There is also Taiyo / Hopetech

4.You can add a lot of engines to increase mobility.

5.The most important thing is the Reactor, the stronger the better, get a good one otherwise you have to keep changing the energy system, after the enemies are lv 50 swarming with 4 ships.

6.Weapons are mainly divided into manual shooting and automatic shooting (Turret type). The disadvantage of turret is that it shoots at very close range. But it's often strong.

7. If you want to capture a ship easily, use EMP weapons. They focus on shocking the ship's systems.

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