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Starfield interesting details. How to level up skills 2023-2024


1.Spaceship : This part will be a guide on the main ship and will be divided into several parts.

Starfield interesting details. How to level up skills 2023-2024
Starfield interesting details. How to level up skills 2023-2024

This game's skill system is not like a normal RPG where you can level up to the next level. But the game will force us to challenge skills to upgrade to the next level as well, for example. Piloting Rank 2 - Destroys 5 enemy ships.

So for anyone wondering why I can't upgrade my skills, just look at whether I've completed the Challenge Skill yet.

Which skill should I upgrade first?

Starfield Skills: Skills to Unlock Immediately
Starfield Skills: Skills to Unlock Immediately

- The main basic skills that must be upgraded first include:

1.Weight Lifting - carry more things

2.Piloting - allows you to customize and pilot high-level vehicles.

3.Stealth - Many quests force us to do stealth missions. This skill helps a lot.

4.Fitness - increase the amount of O2 for ourselves.

5.Ship Design - Unlock higher level ship decorations.

6.Security - lock-picking skills

Mainly, there are 6 skills. No matter how you play, you must upgrade them. As for whether to fully upgrade or not, it's completely up to you, except for the Piloting and Ship Design skills, which the game indirectly forces us to only fully upgrade.

The rest is up to the players which way they will go. Going to the Buak Bu Laek route, upgrade to Combat Skill, or going to the National Geographic world exploration route, upgrade to Exploration, or going to the Biao route such as

I think I'm a well-spoken space salad, so I've upgraded my thief skills like Theft + Stealth + Persuade + Piloting + Payload + Deception, etc.

No one can tell you here, it's up to you. The game gives players enormous opportunities to choose their own way of playing.

Or go the indie route, where I upgrade every skill to 1 and then see which skill or play style I use most often and then upgrade that way. (There are people who really do this. It's difficult to play at first. But towards the end of the game and NG+, I can tell you that players like this can consume game content 100%)

What things should I pack? There are a lot of things.

- Mainly, you should collect various resources that we find such as minerals or items for crafting. Things in the game will already be told. What can that item do? If it doesn't tell you, it means that the item is garbage and is just being sold. The next thing that should be collected is weapons, outfits, and hats because when we sell them at stores they will get a very good price. It's better than collecting trash to sell.

For example, Folder price 1 Credit, Orion gun costs 666 Credits

Therefore, collecting a single gun is equal to collecting 666 folders.

But there are exceptions if we already have Skill Scavenging at level 4. Opening the Scanner will help mark some items that can be used to make up for the lack of resources. With the condition that we have to track the resources we need first when researching things or building a base, it will make the players better aware of which items they should and shouldn't collect.

How to earn money as quickly as possible?

If you don't do Glitch (which can no longer be done from the new patch), the best way to earn money is to do quests to hunt down thieves and get outfits. Selling guns is the fastest + with the money you get from quests.

The average price per round is around 50-80k and if you have Commerce skill, when you sell things you will get a higher price.

But slowly, before all teenagers travel to space. Because in every store there is limited money. Notice the top right corner. If the merchant runs out of money, no matter how much we sell, we won't get any more money. The easy way is to change the star and sell it elsewhere. And if you sell until all the money in the store runs out, let us sit or lie down and wait for 48 hours in the game, the money will come back and reset itself.

How to level as quickly as possible?

The fastest way to levl up in starfield
The fastest way to levl up in starfield

- First, you must have a good weapon, at least a Legendary level weapon that does fairly strong damage. Then fly to the level 75 star and kill the aliens in the star to earn XP, which the lower the level, the faster the level. The condition is that to do this you must play at Normal level and below. Hard level and above cannot be done because the enemy's Hp will fluctuate according to the enemy's level. But at Normal level and below, the enemy's Hp will fluctuate according to level. Level the player himself And of course, for anyone who plays melee, this cannot be done because the enemies are several times higher level. We will be killed in one attack. (Already tested) If you can do this for a few minutes. Hours, the level will skyrocket like a rocket. Currently, I'm not sure if this can be done because the trick was in the early days when the game was released. So we saw that there were a lot of players reaching high levels in that quick time. In this way

Where can I find Legendary items?

Starfield interesting details. How to level up skills 2023-2024

First explain that the items in this game are divided into 4 levels.

1.Common (white) - the worst.

2.Rare (blue) - good

3.Epic (purple) - very good

4.Legendary (gold) - Legendary items have special options.

The item drops are completely random, from dropping from enemies to opening boxes and the Picklock itself, so it depends entirely on luck. In fact, there is a method. In the first boss that we kill There will be a very high chance of dropping Legendary items. If you want to farm until you get the item you want, just save before killing the boss. Then keep killing them until you find the item you want. This method is frankly not recommended at all. Because in the later games, when level 50+ was reached, Legendary level items would drop everywhere. And the properties are better than early game items too.

Therefore, it is recommended to keep playing the game, doing quests, farming things, decorating ships, and these items will continually drop by themselves. Until later you will be weary.

*Various items' properties will increase according to the stars that are dropped. If the stars are at a high level The properties are very good.

Make a Glitch to attack the Legendary gun.

Starfield Legendary items
Starfield Legendary gun

The method is a bit difficult, but the condition is that you must have the resources to create a large number of Weapon Cases in the Outpost. Let's see how to do it.

1.Fly to star level 75

2. Find a safe landing spot.

3. Create an outpost

4. Create weapon cases continuously in your outpost.

5. Press quicksave.

6. Press quickload

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