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The Best food from Thailand [Update 2023]

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

1) Papaya Salad:

Som Tam is the Best food from Thailand, which is to make it sour. In Laos, it is called Tam Mak Hung.

It is prepared by taking raw papaya that has been chopped and sliced or grated into a mortar, along with other ingredients such as small tomatoes. White eggplant, crispy eggplant, fresh or dry chili, long beans, garlic, and seasoned with palm sugar, fish sauce, and lemon.

Thai cuisine l Papaya Salad
Thai cuisine,Papaya Salad or Som tum thai
Thai cuisine l Papaya Salad
Papaya Salad, in some restaurants will make it hot by add thai chilli pepper
Thai cuisine l Papaya Salad
Seafood papaya salad or Som tam Ta lay

2) Pad Thai:

It is a Thai food that can be eaten all over Thailand, especially in the central region, and may be found in some Thai restaurants abroad.

3)Tom Yum Goong:

Tom Yum Goong is a Thai dish in Central Thai style Tom Yum. Which is popular to eat in every region in Thailand It is a dish that is eaten with rice and There are mainly sour and spicy flavors mixed with salty and slightly sweet. Divided into 2 types: Clear Tom Yum Soup and Creamy Tom Yum Soup.

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